Transit Mixer

PTM Series introduces by KI CONEQUIP, for India & Overseas, indigenously developed Transit Mixer. The Transit Mixer is a very resourceful product of KI CONEQUIP; the mixer can produce concrete with various capacities 2 m3, 4 m3 & 6m3 capacity.


KI CONEQUIP Transit Mixer is a strong well designed piece of equipment meant for transporting concrete / mortar from concrete batching plant directly to the place where it is to be poured. It has a wide range of application especially for mass concreting works like Construction of Canals, Bridges, Highways, Dams, Multistoried & Industrial Buildings, Factories, and Airports and for ready mixed Concrete Works

KI Conequip Transit Mixer is fully hydrostatic mounted on truck chassis. Hydrostatic power is transmitted by a high pressure axial piston type pump and motor, which permits infinite varying drum speed from 0 to 14 rpm in both directions. The control of pump gives flow to a high pressure hydraulic motor, which rotates the mixer drum through an epicyclic gear reducer. The mixer drum has double spiral type mixing blade inside it which ensures efficient mixing without segregation & smooth flow of concrete while discharging. The mixer drum & spiral are made from highly durable steel.

Salient Features
  • Long life of mixing drum & spirals due to highly durable steel.
  • Imported hydraulic pump and motor.
  • Adequate 'Kirloskar' air cooled diesel engine (Slave Engine).
  • Compact imported oil bath planetary gearbox which absorbs extreme torsion of equipment.
  • Micro filtration system ensuring hydraulic pump and motor protection.
  • Hydraulic oil cooler with inbuilt hydraulic tank and filter.
  • A long trouble free working life due to close loop hydraulic circuit.
  • Manual rotation of drum possible in case of emergency.
  • Technically well conceived shape of the mixing spirals which ensures better quality of products.
  • Mixer drum rotates on machined ring to achieve concentricity & smooth wobble free rotation .
  • Prepacked and adjustable drum roller assembly to compensate jerks and shocks.
  • Sturdy chassis design, low center of gravity resulting in better stability of vehicle.
  • Simple comprehensive operation.
  • Efficient hydrostatic drive ensuring low fuel consumption.