KI Conequip Pvt. Ltd. is leader in manufacturing, exporting, and a supplier of a whole host of mobile concrete batching plants

Not only is our mobile concrete batching plant versatile and affordable, but they can also be placed conveniently on any surface without the need for any poured foundations as static plants need.

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The concrete batching plant doesn't require any prior groundwork. Generating a large amount of mixture in one place and then moving on to a new area is possible with this sort of portable concrete batching plant. The container of a mobile batching plant comes equipped with a hook that allows the plant to be towed onto a truck with the help of the hook. Alternatively, a crane can also be used to lift the plant onto the truck.

Plants like a mini concrete batching plant are easily operable and can start generating the concrete shortly after the entire plant is assembled. The proper equipment and connection of electricity and water are required for this process. Eventually, the hoppers are filled with sand and gravel, and the concrete should be ready to use for construction within a few minutes.

What makes our mobile concrete batching plants are so good?

Concrete batching plants are a vital part of the process of construction and infrastructure development, and it's important to make sure the concrete batching plants being used are reliable and efficient.

  • High efficiency: The components can be replaced, and the reduction in operating costs also boosts overall efficiency. The high efficiency of our plants allows for quick returns on any investment.
  • Operable: The PLC system controls the whole plant and can be accessed manually and automatically, too, by simply adjusting the knob on the control panel. It's also made simpler by a singular operator and can be operated from the control room.
  • Accessibility and Transport: Transporting a plant anywhere is easy, as a truck can transport the whole plant wherever needed and also place it on almost any surface imaginable. The easy transportability makes this the best feature of our plant and contractors choose this plant for this very reason.
How to maintain the longevity of a plant?

Whilst the functioning of the plant is definitely of utmost importance, it's also important to prioritize the durability of the plant, and certain steps are required to ensure the plant maintains longevity.

  • Keep the mixer clean and remove dirt and other debris from the body. The mixer is an essential step in ensuring its working condition remains functional and smooth for a long time.
  • Fill up the lubrication oil as per the requirements and check the circuit and equipment when using the plant to get the most out of the mixer and produce more concrete than before.
  • Brake and clutch are vital for our range of plants, so it's imperative to check their reliability of them, which should only take a few minutes and negates the risk of a big loss.
  • Make sure the motor, transmission, or reducer gear is checked regularly by an operator to spot any problems like abnormal noises. In the case of any irregular noises, the plant should get checked and repaired before resuming the operation process. It’s even important to check whether the temperature is rising too high or not.
  • Get the whole mixer machine cleaned by the operator once the work’s concluded.