Folding Silo

We usually pack silo bots in polypropylene bags. If the customer demands it, we also provide boxing arrangements. This should be specified before placing order. We manufacture bolted cement silos as well in myriad capacities. These are highly advantageous particularly during transit. For instance, 2 units, that is 100 tons of bolted cement silos can be transported effectively using just 1 TIR.


These bolted type cement silos parts are produced by drilling and specific laser cutting technologies. These technologies are deployed with a high-end surface cleaning process. Different parts of bolted type cement silos are produced in sensitive, well-guarded production facilities along with advanced Equipments. These silos are then painted first with prime coating and then final coating. The parts of the silos that hang from the automatic conveyor line need to be painted with specific painting cabinets. Following, this, different components of cement silos are appropriately packed, making them ideal for transportation.

For a bolting silo required to store cement, there are special legs which enables feeding cement correctly to the cement batcher placing the screw in an appropriate angle. These silos have upper and ladder parapets. They are also equipped with mechanical valve located in the discharge region. A cement silo will also have cement filing pipe. All the components of the it are designed by chemical surface cleaning process and following thus; it is duly coated and painted by a high quality paint.