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We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of wide range of mobile concrete batching plants.

The most versatile and affordable Mobile Concrete Batching Plant can be placed easily on any surface without the need for poured foundations as static plant needs.

The batching concrete batching plant does not need any prior groundwork. It’s possible to generate a huge amount of mixture in one place over for a longer period and then easily move on to the new place. The container frame of a mobile batching plant is easily equipped with the draw hook that allows a plant to be towed onto a truck with the hook hoist. On the other hand, it can be also lifted onto the truck with the crane.

These types of plants are easy to operate and one can start generating the concrete within a short time after the whole plant is assembled. All you need to do is connect the electricity, water & other required equipment then after fill the hoppers with gravel and sand. Within a few minutes, the concrete will be ready to be used in construction.

Features of the Mobile Concrete Batching Plants:

Invented for High Efficiency:
It works so efficiently that you can quickly get returns on investment. All the wearing components can be replaced and reducing the operating costs.

Easy to Operate:
With the just one operator, it can be operated from the control room. The PLC system is used to control the whole plant. By adjusting the knob on a control panel, it can be accessed both manually and automatically.

Easy to Transport:
With the help of lorry, we can transport the whole plant anywhere and can place on almost on any surface. This is the best feature of this plant and due to that contractors choose this over the other plants.

Steps to Maintain the Plant for a long time:

  • Always Keep the mixer body clean, remove dirt & obstacle from the body of a mixer. This is a basic step to keep it in working condition for a long time.
  • When you use, fill up the lubrication oil according to requirements, check the control equipment and circuit. This will help the mixer to work efficiently and produce more concrete than before.
  • Brake and clutch are an important element of such type of plants so, every time you need to check the reliability of them. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to be checked but it can save you from a big loss.
  • An operator should check that the motor, transmission or reducer gear is creating abnormal noise or not. If he hears such noise then it should be repaired first t then start the operating process. Also, check that the temperature is rising too high or not.
  • Once the work is finished, an operator should clean whole mixer machine with care.

If you are looking to buy a new mobile batching concrete plant or on rent; the KI Conequip is one which offers various types of batching plants. See the different ranges here. Even you can email us at (email address) with your detailed requirements. For quick inquiry call on (mobile number); our assistant will happy to assist you.

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